We are living longer and healthier lives due to health promotion, better medical care and improved disease prevention. However, this means that most of us will live, and live longer, with a chronic condition, such as diabetes, kidney disease, or coronary heart disease. The management of chronic conditions has gradually shifted to GPs (primary care).

The Oxford Centre for Monitoring and Diagnosis in Primary Care (MaDOx) group has already developed evidence in the areas of cardiovascular disease monitoring (cholesterol and blood pressure), warfarin monitoring and diabetes monitoring. In particular we have developed new methods for defining the optimal monitoring strategy in chronic conditions. To have a look further at what the MaDOx Group has been doing please click here.

This project will look at extending this work to other important clinical areas in Primary Care that have not yet addressed;


Our overall aim is to improve understanding, methods, evidence-base, and practice of clinical monitoring within UK Primary Care.


The National Institute for Health Research funds the Applied Research Programme on Monitoring Long Term Conditions in Primary Care at the University of Oxford