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Maria Vazquez-Montes

PhD, MSc, BSc

Medical Statistician

My key job tasks are providing statistical support for the different research projects I am involved in and statistical advice to other researchers within the department. I am part of the statistics teaching group for pre-clinical courses.   

My current position is split between the Department of Primary Health Care Sciences and the Department of Psychiatry. Within the Department of Primary Health Care Sciences I am part of the monitoring group currently analysing the patterns over time of HbA1c, the treatment effect and length of time spent on different therapies for patients with type 2 diabetes. I am also collaborating with the evaluation of tools widely used in industry applied to managements of chronic conditions.

As part of the Social Psychiatry group I am currently involved in the analysis of the randomised control trial OCTET and the follow-up study OCTET II, the study of informal leverage in mental health management in UK (ULTIMA), and the validation of the instrument called MINI-ICF-APP recently translated from German to English.

Among my methodological areas of interest are modelling, missing data methods and causal inference.

 I recently became a member of "El Sitema Nacional de Investigadores (SNI)" (National System of Investigators, Mexico).

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