Research Committee
Graduate Studies Committee
Teaching Committee
Better Workplace Group
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The minutes for these committees can be found on the shared network drive (Z): Z:\DPHPC_slideshows\Meeting Minutes

Research Committee

The research committee makes decisions on research strategy and academic training in the department. Research committee meetings take place monthly and are chaired by Professor Richard McManus. 


  • Health behaviours: Paul Aveyard (Deputy:Susan Jebb)
  • Infections and acute care: Chris Butler
  • Cardiovascular and metabolic: Richard Hobbs, Richard McManus (Chair), Andrew Farmer
  • Patient experience: Sue Ziebland (Deputy: Lisa Hinton)
  • EBM and Research Methods: Rafael Perera, Carl Heneghan (Deputy: Kamal Mahtani)
  • Trials: Chris Butler (Deputy: Ly-Mee Yu)
  • Big Data (ie CPRD): Clare Bankhead
  • Digital Health: Trish Greenhalgh
  • International: Andrew Farmer
  • Health Policy: Barry McCormick
  • Impact: Trish Greenhalgh
  • PPI: Lynne Maddocks
  • Training: Paul Aveyard
  • Communications: Dan Richards-Doran
  • Administration & Finance:
  • Secretary/Minutes: Lucy Curtin

Graduate Studies Committee

The Graduate Studies Committee provides oversight of policy, provision and standards for graduate studies following the Examination Regulations and the policies set out in the Policy and Guidance for Research Degrees and Policy and Guidance for Graduate Taught Courses. Meetings are chaired by Alison Ward.


  • Director of Postgraduate Studies/Director of the Oxford International Primary Care Research Leadership Programme: Alison Ward (Chair)
  • Deputy-Director of Postgraduate Studies/Deputy-Director of the Oxford International Primary Care Research Leadership Programme: Kamal Mahtani
  • Head of Department: Richard Hobbs
  • Departmental Administrator
  • Director of Programmes in EBHC: Carl Heneghan
  • Student Representative: Nik Bobrovitz
  • Secretary/Minutes (Postgraduate Training Administrator): Daniel Long
  • Invited members (two year term) Chris Butler, Rafael Perera

Teaching Committee

The Teaching Committee makes decisions about undergraduate teaching in the department. The Committee is chaired by Michael Moher.


  • Senior Clinical Lecturer in Primary Health Care: Michael Moher (Chair)
  • Primary Care Course Administrator: Emma Wiley
  • Primary Care Course Assistant: Maria Luque Arrabal
  • Department Administrator: Nicola Small
  • Lecturer: Helen Salisbury
  • Lecturer: David Nunan 
  • Head of Department: Richard Hobbs
  • Lecturer: Richard Stevens
  • Lecturer: Adrian Smith
  • Lecturer: Thomas Fanshawe
  • Lecturer: Julian Hancock
  • Lecturer: Annette Pluddemann
  • Lecturer: Carl Heneghan
  • Lecturer: Rafael Perera
  • Yr 5 Student Rep: Arvind Kumar
  • Yr 5 Student Rep: Lauren Passby

Better Workplace Group

Our department's Better Workplace Group works towards ensuring the department is a supportive and encouraging environment for all staff and students. The Group is made up of several smaller working groups who consult with staff to identify areas for improvement and make changes for the benefit of everyone. 

The Group achieved an Athena SWAN Silver Renewal in 2017 - the charter for women in science, engineering, maths and medicine; and a Green Impact Bronze Award.

The Better Workplace Group is chaired by Professor Sue Ziebland. 

Working Group Working Group Lead
Mentoring  Katherine Tucker
DPhil students Constantinos Koshiaris
Family friendly (including returning carers) and part-time staff James Sheppard / Veronika Williams
Health care professionals Kay Wang
Support, teaching, admin & researchers (non-clinical researchers) Susannah Flemming
Workload allocation Anthony Harnden
Teaching Helen Salisbury
Emotional impact of research / staff wellbeing Susan Kirkpatrick Abi McNiven
Green Impact and environmental sustainability Karen Morecroft
Physically active at work David Nunan
Internal communications Dan Richards-Doran
Early and Mid-Career Researchers' Group Anne-Marie Boylan
Staff living outside of Oxford (commuters) Jenny Riga
Better PDRs Kamal Mahtani Melissa Stepney

Group members also include:
Charlotte Smith - Athena SWAN Advisor & Facilitator (Medical Sciences Division)
Elizabeth Woolliams - BWP Group Administrator

Staff Open Meetings

Staff Open Meetings are held approximately every 3-4 months for all Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences Staff. This comprises a Head of Department Update from Richard Hobbs as well as updates from our Research Groups and our Departmental Administrator, Nicola Small.  In addition, the meeting is an opportunity for members of staff to raise departmental issues with the rest of the group and for new staff to briefly introduce themselves to everyone.