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A journal club on 'open and reproducible science'


Our Journal Club is open to everyone: Open Science enthusiasts, beginners or skeptics! Together, we can learn from one another and improve how we conduct and share our research, data, methods, code, statistical analyses, and more. We cater to both qualitative and quantitative methodologists and focus on all aspects of Open Science in research. We drew inspiration from and are supported by the original ReproducibiliTea journal club and are supported by Reproducible Research Oxford, the local UK Reproducibility Network node.


We meet on Wednesdays at 12.30pm for 1 hour and run for 8 weeks each academic term to align with the Oxford academic calendar. 


The Radcliffe Primary Care Building and the Gibson Building in the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter (32 Woodstock Road, OX2 6HT). For rooms, see our timetable and sign up for updates here.

The format

For each session, we expect attendees to have read the assigned paper. Georgia Richards and Nick DeVito will present a short (5-15mins) overview of the chosen paper with the remainder of the session dedicated to free discussion amongst all attendees. For some Journal Clubs, we will have a workshop where we present some of the available tools and have more practical discussions to help develop skills. Papers for each week are available via zotero.

We will circulate meeting details via email, so sign up here.

Your voice is welcome here, and we offer a friendly atmosphere.

Timetable: Hilary Term 2020

Date (week of term) Room     Theme Paper(s)
22/01/2020 (1) Gibson Building, Room 1 What is Open/ Reproducible Science? The nine circles of scientific hell
29/01/2020 (2) RPC Building, Room 2 Tools for open science: ORCID ID, GitHub, the OSF, Figshare and more! Digital open science - teaching digital tools for reproducible and transparent research
05/02/2020 (3) RPC Building, Room 1 Pre-registration & registered reports The pre-registration revolution
12/02/2020 (4) RPC Building, Room 1 Sharing your code and materials

Why researchers should share their analytical code

Retraction Notice

19/02/2020 (5) RPC Building, Room 1 Pre-prints Altmetric Score, Citations and Publication of Studies Posted as preprints
26/02/2020 (6) RPC Building, Panelled Room Open data

Data sharing: An open mind on open data


04/03/2020 (7) RPC Building, Panelled Room Bring a paper from your field: assessing it for openness Bring a paper of interest from your field and assess it for adherence to the Open Science practices we have been discussing. Be prepared to discuss how it rates and what it is missing.
11/03/2020 (8) RPC Building, Room 2 Challenges, benefits and tips for Open Science  Open science challenges, benefits and tips in early career and beyond