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The principal aim of the Behaviour Change group is to promote research incorporating health behaviour change in primary care.


  • To identify researchers with an interest in primary care research addressing behaviour change
  • To share knowledge of current applications of behaviour change (theory) in primary care interventions
  • To encourage networking between clinical and non-clinical members in order to share expertise from various disciplines (e.g. medicine, psychology sociology).
  • To identify and share knowledge of sources of funding for health behaviour change research in primary care
  • To encourage collaboration and applications for grant funding for research in primary care behaviour change.

This SIG will be relevant to everyone interested in modifying health behaviours, especially those involved in the development, evaluation or implementation of health interventions with behavioural components. Behaviour change relates to any behaviour involved in healthcare, such as health promotion, patient self-management, or clinicians delivering healthcare services. We expect our membership to consist of clinical and non-clinical researchers to share expertise from multiple disciplines.

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