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Here we will present a series of talks by Dr Ben Goldacre, Dr Marcy McCall MacBain and Professor Carl Heneghan on whether medicine is broken, whether device regulation is creating seriously harmful devices and whether our personal choices are damaging our health.

Dr Ben Goldacre, author of I Think You’ll Find It’s a Bit More Complicated Than That; Bad Pharma; and Bad Science, is a research fellow at CEBM and is interested in how medical research is distorted by academics and journals. Dr Marcy McCall MacBain has an active interest in women’s health and will question the dramatic increase in all types of cosmetic procedures. What happens when they go wrong? What are the adverse effects? Why is there a  lack of evidence and outcome metrics? And are we (as healthcare professionals and young women) allocating healthcare spending to the appropriate age-related issues? Professor Carl Heneghan has extensive expertise in device regulation and will highlight how dangerous and defective devices can easily make it on to the market with little or no evidence, and how they cause serious harm.

The event is chaired by Dr Annette Pluddemann - Director of the MSc in EBHC.

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