Theme: Health economics and policy


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About the workshop

This study group provides a forum for bringing together graduates and researchers who wish to discuss their work in progress in any area of health economics. Works must be scientifically rigorous and have the potential for strong policy implications. Senior fellow economists/econometricians will give suggestions and directions to participants on how to improve their work. The meeting will be structured as a set of oral presentations. A discussant will be assigned to each paper, and time will be allotted for open discussion.

Keynote speakers:

  • Professor David Cutler
  • Professor Leemore Dafny
  • Professor Frank Windmeijer

Scientific Committee: V. Atella (Tor Vergata), F. Cornaglia (Queen Mary), M. Hernandez Veras (UCL), L. John (Harvard), I. Kesternich (Leuven), M. Lindeboom (Amsterdam), J. Mullahy (Wisconsin), K. Myers (NBER), R. Sadun (Harvard), H. Schwandt (Zurich), L. Siciliani (York), B. Siflinger (Tilburg), T. Sherry (RAND/Harvard), J. Skinner (Dartmouth), A. Tarozzi (UPF), A. Veiga (Imperial College), J. Winter (Munich)

Local organizers: Amitabh Chandra (Harvard), Francesco Moscone (Brunel University) Catia Nicodemo (Oxford) and Ariel Stern (Harvard).

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