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Chair: Francesco  Moscone  (Brunel)

13:45pm-2:30pm –  Pau Olivella (UAB and Barcelona GSE ): Asymmetric Information with multiple risks: the case of the Chilean Private Health Insurance Market with Dolores de la Mata, Matilde P. Machado, M. Nieves Valdes

Discussant: Chenyuan Liu  (Wisconsin)    

 Keynote 2: 2:30pm-3:30pm –  Frank Windmeijer (Bristol)

3:30pm–4:00pm Coffee Break

4:00pm–6:30pm POSTER SESSION and drinks

Mallory Avery  (Pittsburgh) Incentives to Sleep: An Experimental Analysis of Sleep Choices with Osea Giuntella and Peiran Jiao

Thomas Greve (Oxford) Open science: from the perspective of game theory

Osea Giuntella (Pittsburgh) Assortative Mating, Intergenerational Transmission and Inequality: Evidence from Birth Weight using Parental Grandmother Fixed Effects with Giulia la Mattina  and Climent Quintana

Lena Janys (Bristol) The Effects of Education on Mortality with Gerard van den Berg, Kaare Christensen

Heinrich Kögel (Munich) Financial Scarcity and Health: Evidence from the Food Stamp Program

Chenyuan Liu (Wisconsin) How Common are Dominated Health Plan Options? Evidence from Employer Health Benefits with High-Deductible Plans with Justin Sydnor

Domenico Lisi (Catania) Hospital Competition under Pay-for-Performance: Quality, Mortality and Readmissions with Luigi Siciliani, Odd Rune Straume

Stephen O'Neill (Galway) Identifying causal effects from longitudinal data: a comparison of Interactive Fixed Effects and Generalised Synthetic Controls with Noemi Kreif, Matthew Sutton, Richard Grieve

Massimiliano Piacenza (Turin) Does fiscal decentralization affect regional disparities in health? Evidence from an Italian tax reform with Cinzia Di Novi, Silvana Robone, Gilberto Turati

Giacomo Pasini (Ca’ Foscari) Psychosocial stress and leave taking at child birth with Mauricio Avendano, Lisa F. Berkman and Agar Brugiavini

Adam Pilny (RWI) Are Doctors the Better Health Ministers? The Limits of Technocracy with Felix Roesel

Mirjam Reutter (Hohenheim) The Morning After: Prescription-Free Access to Emergency Contraceptive Pills with Gregor Pfeiffer

Martin Salm (Tilburg) Does the framing of patient cost-sharing incentives matter? The effects of deductibles vs. no-claim refunds with Arthur P Hayen ad Tobias J Klein

Linus Siming (Audencia Business School) Incentivizing organ donation through a non-monetary posthumous award with Mascia Bedendo

Mujaheed Shaikh  (WU Vienna) The Impact of Organizational Change on Firm Efficiency: Evidence from the Healthcare Sector with Renara Kosova, Giorgia Marini, and  Marisa Miraldo. 

7.30pm Formal Dinner