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Chair:  Catia Nicodemo  (Oxford)

Keynote 3: 9:00am–10:00am – Leemore Dafny (Harvard)

10:00am–10.45am – Katharina Janke (Lancaster): Management Styles in the Public Sector: Evidence from the English NHS with Carol Propper, and Raffaella Sadun

Discussant: Lena Janys (Bonn)

10:45am–11:30am  Paolo Pertile (Verona): Strategic Interaction in Pharmaceutical Price Regulation and Innovation with Simona Gamba, and Martin Forster

Discussant: Mirjam Reutter (Hohenheim)

11:30am–12:00noon coffee break

12:00noon–12:45am Wiktoria Tafesse (Sussex): An unexpected legacy from colonial salt taxation: The effect of mandatory iodine fortification on cognitive test scores in India.

Discussant: Osea Giuntella (Pittsburgh)

12:45pm–1:30pm Daniel Prinz (Harvard): The Consequences of (Partial) Privatization of Social Insurance for Individuals with Disabilities: Evidence from Medicaid with Timothy J. Layton, Nicole Maestas,  and Boris Vabson

Discussant: Heinrich Kögel (Munich)

1.30pm–2:30pm Lunch break

2:30pm–3:15pm Enrica Croda (Ca’ Foscari): The Health of Disability Insurance Enrollees: An International Comparison with Jonathan Skinner, and  Laura Yasaitis

 Discussant: Stephen O'Neill (Galway)

3:00pm–3:45pm Ramsis Croes (Erasmus School): Is adverse selection effectively mitigated by consumer inertia? Empirical evidence from the Dutch health insurance market with Frederik T. Schut, and Marco Varkevisser

Discussant: Mujaheed Shaikh  (WU Vienna)

3:45pm–4:45pm “Health Econometrics” Emerald 2018,   Edited by Badi H.  Baltagi and Francesco Moscone