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We hope to make the conference as enjoyable as possible for all our guests and are planning on a range of events including a college dinner at Lady Margaret Hall on Thursday 12th April.

 MSc Programme


Wednesday 11th April, 7.30pm 

For those of you coming down on the Wednesday, we recommend the Royal Oak pub, close to Lady Margaret Hall for pre-conference drinks. Otherwise catch an early night or head into town to explore! 

The Royal Oak, 42-44 Woodstock Road, Woodstock Road, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX2 6HT

Walking Tour

Thursday 12th April, 5–6pm 

Join our experienced local guides for a walking tour of Oxford. The tour will focus on the rich medical history of Oxford where many groundbreaking discoveries and experiments have taken place. These include the story of how penicillin was first trialled on mice during the height of the blitz and then in 1941 how policeman Albert Alexander became the first patient treated. 

Radcliffe Primary Care Department Drinks Reception

Thursday 12th April, 6–7pm 

The Radcliffe Primary Care opened in 2016 at the site of the old Radcliffe Infirmary. More information on the building can be found in the 'venue' section of this website. There will be an evening drinks reception to give everyone a chance to see the spectacular renovation work. As well as providing a chance to meet other delegates there will be an evening talk from a local speaker. 

Lady Margaret Hall Conference Dinner

Thursday 12th April, 7.30pm 

College dinners are a highlight of life in Oxford and we invite you all to join us for a three course dinner in the spectacular LMH college hall.  


Friday 13th April, 7.30AM–8.30am 

Simone Jones is a Californian yoga teacher who runs Prana Yoga, a studio here in Oxford. She will be leading a free yoga class at LMH on the morning of Friday 13th for everyone to loosen up and get moving following the college dinner. Hair of the dog or downward facing dog - you decide! Mats provided and all abilities welcome!