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 Although tremendous progress has been made over the last forty years, health services still face five outstanding problems no matter how they are structured or funded: 

  • Unwarranted variation in access, quality, cost and outcome, and this reveals the other four
  • Patient harm, even when the quality of are is high
  • Waste, that is anything that does not add value to the outcome for patients or uses resources that could give greater value if used for another group of patients
  • Inequity, and
  • Failure to prevent the diseases that healthcare can prevent, stroke in atrial fibrillation for example.

In addition to these problems, over the past several years and into the foreseeable future, healthcare services have to cope with rising need and demand without additional resources.

To maintain health services globally and continue improving the health ofthe populations we serve, there is an urgent need to transform health services to focus on triple value:

  • Personalised value, the delivery of services informed by what matters to the individual
  • Technical value, determined by how well resources are used within services for each purpose
  • Allocative value, determined by how the assets are allocated to services for different purposes.

Hosted by:

Value Based Healthcare programme, within Oxford University's Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, in partnership with Better Value Healthcare and the Oxford Health Experiences Institute (HEXI).

Who is this forum for?

NHS frontline clinicians, medical directors
NHS finance managers, finance directors
Senior commissioners
Senior managers from within trusts
Independent sector providers
Academic sector
Commercial suppliers to NHS, including management consultancies
Commissioning Support Units
Clinical Commisioning Groups
Public Health