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Hellish Decisions in Healthcare is designed as a space for healthcare leaders, professionals and researchers within the international healthcare community to shape healthcare policy and systems to deliver Triple Value.

The decisions and strategies needed to deliver Triple Value will not always be immediately apparent and nor will they be easy to make; the Value in Healthcare Forum is a safe place where these strategies can be developed and where strategic discussions can be had with the key thought and implementation leaders in healthcare.

There will be sessions on:

Personal Value
Technical Value
Allocative Value
Unwarranted Variation
Integration of Health & Social Care Services.

Briefing notes (download):

1. Producing evidence for hellish decisions in the value era

2. Developing value based programmes and systems

3. Optimising system value by innovation and redundancy

4. Optimising system value by reallocation of resources for a single condition

5. What needs to be done to optimise the value of the hospital service?

6. Creating public value and social value

7. Hellish decisions for commissioners

Hosted by:

Value Based Healthcare programme, within Oxford University's Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, in partnership with Better Value Healthcare and the Oxford Health Experiences Institute (HEXI).

Who is this forum for?

NHS frontline clinicians, medical directors
NHS finance managers, finance directors
Senior commissioners
Senior managers from within trusts
Independent sector providers
Academic sector
Commercial suppliers to NHS, including management consultancies
Commissioning Support Units
Clinical Commisioning Groups
Public Health