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Research on Traditional Medicines: Public Lecture Series

All lectures will be held at 2-3pm daily from Monday 4th February - Friday 8th February 2013 in the large lecture theatre, Department of Chemistry, Makerere University, Uganda.






Prof Oyvind Anderson, University of Bergen (Norway)



Prof Berit Smestad Paulsen, University of Oslo

Monday 4th February

Intellectual Property Rights

Prof Gerry Bodeker, University of Oxford

Tuesday 5th Feb

How to find an effective medicinal plant?

Dr Bertrand Graz, University of Lausanne

Weds 6th Feb


Prof Joop De Jong, University of Amsterdam

Thursday 7th Feb

Reverse Pharmacology

Dr Merlin Willcox and Dr Bertrand Graz

Friday 8th Feb

How to write a systematic review

Dr Merlin Willcox, University of Oxford


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