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BRC’s Obesity, Diet and Lifestyle Theme is running an Obesity Networking Event on February 26th from 1 to 6pm in the Richard Doll building, Old Road Campus. The objective of this free event is to encourage networking amongst researchers across the Universities and the Oxford NHS Trusts who have research interests relevant to obesity, with a view to enhancing fruitful collaborations and developing an internal Oxford obesity network.

The event will include short presentations both on work currently being conducted within the BRC obesity theme and on work being carried out across other University departments.

The keynote external speaker will be Professor Roy Taylor, University of Newcastle, who is first author of the DiRECT trial, published in The Lancet in December on remission of Type 2 diabetes following successful weight loss.

We invite everyone with relevant research to submit an abstract which can be shared in the list of attendees.  The meeting will allow plenty of time for networking and abstracts and posters will be a central focus and an opportunity to meet others with shared interests.

Follow the link to the programme

Please send abstracts and a short paragraph (max. 100 words) on your background and research interests to

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