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External speakers will be coming to talk to the Medical Stats team and anyone else who is interested in:

  • Routinely collected healthcare data
  • GP access and appointment scheduling
  • Reasons for consultations in primary care
  • Improving patient experiences in primary care
  • Alternative modes of primary care consultations           

Opening access to help manage demand: dichotomy or opportunity?

askmyGP is a system designed to allow patients to submit their issues to their GPs more easily and 24/7.  By providing GPs with workflow management and a variety of communication options, it allows practices to provide a quicker and more tailored response to those submissions and gives practices analysis tools (including patient feedback) to paint a picture of how well they are doing.  Ian Barratt and Steve Black from GP Access Ltd will explain the philosophy underpinning askmyGP and the data now available for research purposes (over 800k requests and 26k items of patient feedback submitted since September 2018).  The system is currently running at ~100k submissions and 3k items of feedback each month).

Convened by: