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Teaching EBM is designed for all health care professionals, who have some knowledge of critical appraisal and experience in practicing evidence-based health care, and want to develop their teaching.

  • Students learn in small groups and are facilitated to practice and develop their skills in teaching ebp.
  • Participants learn educational strategies to develop curriculum and design evaluation.
  • Fee £1200 includes all refreshments and course materials

You should consider attending if you

  • Are committed to patient-centred learning
  • Believe in the process of small-group learning
  • Take an active role in small group learning

TEBM offers four full days of teaching by world renowned experts in evidence-based health care at the University of Oxford.  A Certificate of Completion is issued on the last day of the course. If this course is being taken as part of an award-bearing programme of study, (MSc in EBHC) you are given a fifth day with module coordinators who will take you through the academic assignment you are required to submit as part of the overall programme