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The conference is supported by the Technology Strategy Board, British In-Vitro Diagnostics Association, National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, and the University of Oxford Centre for Monitoring and Diagnosis. Once again the meeting will be held at St Anne’s College in Oxford.

This 1 day conference will bring together leading experts from UK diagnostics industry, NICE, the TSB, health economists, and clinical diagnostic researchers.  Following on from the recommendations from the previous conference, the meeting will address 3 key priority areas for improving the evidence base for diagnostic tests:

  • What tests are needed? Where are the gaps in diagnostics market? What are the most efficient ways to find out what diagnostic tests clinicians and commissioners need?
  • How much evidence is ‘enough’ to demonstrate clinical effectiveness? What does NICE want? What kinds of studies are essential, and what are the most efficient ways of designing research for diagnostics? When can evidence be used across different countries/settings?
  • Cost effectiveness of diagnostic tests: When is it necessary to consider the cost effectiveness of diagnostic tests? What are the best approaches and how can we combine different types of evidence? How does NICE consider the cost effectiveness of diagnostic tests? What input do we need for economic evaluations of diagnostic tests?

The meeting will be an interactive format with a combination of short plenary and discussions/workshops.  We are currently lining up speakers who will represent all major stakeholders (industry, regulatory, clinical, health economics, and diagnostic researchers). A conference summary and strategy document which will be published and disseminated to all relevant stakeholders and participants. You can read last year’s report here


The Conference Co-ordinator (for any additional questions) is Wendy Greenberg

Conference Organisers:

Dr Matthew Thompson, Dr Ann Van den Bruel, Prof Chris Price, Centre for Monitoring and Diagnosis, Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford

Dr Carl Heneghan, Oxford Centre for Evidence Based Medicine, University of Oxford

Dr Penny Wilson, Technology Strategy Board

Doris Ann Williams, British In-Vitro Diagnostics Association

Dr Nick Crabb, Diagnostics Assessment Programme, NICE

Prof Jon Deeks, Department of Public Health, University of Birmingham

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