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We aspire to be a department where equality, diversity and inclusion is no longer an agenda item but a way of working, one which benefits all current and future staff and students.

To achieve this consistently across the department requires senior leadership who are actively learning and open to feedback and ideas so diverse perspectives are truly welcome by all.

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We believe developing talent goes beyond supporting great academics.

To become a beacon of good practice in equality, diversity and inclusion requires a collective effort which is embraced across all aspects of working life.

Learning and development requires time and investment in people and from people for the benefit of the department, our colleagues and ourselves.

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We recognise the importance of job security as a foundation for career progression.

Working within the constraints of a national and university system which can prove challenging at times, we are committed to working together to provide support for all colleagues.

There are various work-life pressures which can impact the choices individuals make to progress their career. To support this, we strive to improve the transparency and management of contracts, workload, and long-term (including parental) leave.

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We champion and promote good practice across our priorities, to the wider community.

The process of sharing and exchanging will help us continue to challenge ourselves and reflect what further action we can take to sustain our advancements and achievements.

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