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To ask for an agenda item to be added please contact the Chair and copy in the Committee Secretary 

The IGC performs these functions:

  Reviews and approves all new and material changes to existing Department IG policies and Standard Operating Procedures;

  Reviews reported Incidents, including actual and suspected breaches, security, etc.;

  Reports to the Research Committee on Departmental compliance with Information Governance policies;

  Provides advice to and obtains approvals from the Research Committee and the SMC on Information Governance matters as required; and

 ✓ Encourage good practice and compliance across the activities of the Department in line with regulatory requirements.

Meeting frequency: Twice a term

Membership: A representative from each of the research groups in the Department. The Committee is currently comprised of the following representatives:


Member Name

Research Area Represented

Ly-Mee Yu

Chair/Associate Professor/ Deputy Director Academic (CTU)

John Briggs

Deputy Chair - Head IT/G

Nicola Small

SIRO - Administration/SIRO

Phil Nieri

Senior IG Manager

Jayalakshmi “Lakshmi” Vijayan

Health Behaviours

Ruth Sanders


Joe Wherton


Ariel Wang

Cardiovascular and Metabolic

Oliver van Hecke

Infections and Acute Care

Ruth Davis

Evidence Based Medicine

Liam Hart

Data Lab

Julie McLellan

Medical Statistics

Clare Bankhead


Phil Turner


Jacqui Belcher

Undergraduate Teaching Team

Jono Franklin


Sneha Anand


Julia Hippisley-Cox (Back up: Clare Meadows)

Q Research

Stuart Redding

Health Economics

David Seaton

Secretary/IG Officer

Stasya Ng