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For print (CMYK): 

.eps | .jpg |.tif

For web (RGB): 

.eps .jpg 

CTU for print (CMYK):

.eps | .jpg 

CTU For web (RGB)

.eps | .jpg 

Download all logo files (.zip) (includes all CTU logos).


The NIHR have published a new logo and new brand guidelines (November 2017) that outline how the NIHR logo and disclaimer should be used as part of NIHR-funded research. This moves away from applying the NIHR logo, towards a stamp saying "funded by NIHR".


The typeface used by the University for all official documents is Arial. However, for professionally printed externally-facing materials please use Foundry Sterling. This is not a standard font so you will need to download the font to your computer to be able to use it.  It is also important to remember to save and send files in pdf format in case the recipient of your documentation does not have the Foundry Sterling font on their computer. 

You will need to unzip the .zip file before dropping the fonts into your 'Fonts' folder, otherwise the transfer will not work.

Please do not use Calibri.

Read more and download Foundry Sterling font

Which font to use and when:

Commercially printed materials: Foundry Sterling
Letterheads/compliment slips: Arial
Text of letters/emails: Arial
Internal documents: Arial
Powerpoint presentations: Arial
Web and digital applications: PT Sans

Department stationery Templates

Templates can be downloaded from the links below. Remember to personalise your version with your own email address and telephone number:

Compliments slip: 

Radcliffe Primary Care Building | Gibson Building | Old Road Campus | HERG | CTU

Letterheads (narrow margins): 

Radcliffe Primary Care Building | Gibson Building | Old Road Campus | HERG | CTU | CEBM 

Generic headed paper

Email signature:

Standard email signature instructions 

>> Download all stationery templates (.zip includes fax, letterhead, compliments slip, email signature and letterhead templates for envelopes with windows)

Poster and powerpoint templates:

There are various different suggested templates available. If your work is funded by the NIHR SPCR or CLAHRC, please ensure you use the correct template.

>> Download all powerpoint and poster templates (.zip)

>> Powerpoint templates: SPCR | CLAHRC

Got a question/need an alternative or resized logo, or having trouble with the fonts?

Contact Dan Richards-Doran, Communications Manager

01865 617870


Last updated: 4 April 2017