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Oxford Sparks:

A range of opportunities to speak on a podcast, or write a blog post Contact Michaela Livingstone

The Conversation (Health + Medicine):

Knowledge-based journalism, academics and journos with together to provide evidenc-based, accessible information. Opportunities to write on your research news.


Café Scientifique Oxford:

An informal forum to present and discuss scientific ideas and the latest developments. Café Scientifique is run by volunteers, the Oxford one takes place in Oxford University Museum Contact to suggest a topic.

Bright Club:

A national/international series of comedy nights where researchers get on stage and do a stand-up routine based around their area of research. Oxford Bright Club: Contact

SciBar Oxford:

Run by the Oxford volunteer branch of the British Science Association, this is the BSA's version of Café Scientifique.

Pint of Science Oxford:

National festival each May, similar to Café Scientifique/SciBar but a bit more high profile so likely targets a slightly less engaged demographic Oxford 'Our Body' stream run by: Jo Miller

Volunteer at a Museum:



Annual competition to find the new voices of science and engineering across the world. Participants need to explain a concept in just 3 minutes using just the props they bring with them stage. Applications open in October, the Oxford events are in December.

British Science Festival:

Takes place each September in a different city. Lots of opportunities to present your research to the public. 

British Science Association Award Lectures:

For active, early-career researchers skilled at communicating their research. Lecture at the British Science Festival, September.

Schools outreach

STEM Ambassadors Scheme:

National initiative funded by government that places researchers into schools to deliver short outreach sessions that help inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. Coordinated locally by Science Oxford

University of Oxford Early Career Academic Outreach Network:

linking early career academics with opportunities to do outreach in Oxford and further afield (plus training and recognition).