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Staff and students are free to use any of the Government-approved providers to arrange COVID-19 testing when travelling abroad and returning to England. However, in response to feedback on various providers, the University has undertaken some due diligence checks and is able to suggest the following options. It should be noted that this is a new and growing market, and all providers may experience capacity issues, leading to challenges with achieving advertised response times and service levels. Pricing is also subject to frequent change. 

In many cases a postal service may be most convenient, and Biograd Diagnostics are a suggested provider. For current pricing and to book – follow the instructions on the BioGrad Diagnostics website, or contact them by email at, or phone on 03455 651725.  

For in-person testing in Oxford, the suggested provider is ExpressTest, who have a test centre in the Westgate Shopping Centre. For current pricing and to book – follow the instructions on the ExpressTest website, or contact them by phone on 0203 384 0000.  

Tests should be arranged and paid for personally, with the usual processes applicable for reimbursing expenses incurred in relation to University business where appropriate.