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  • Face-coverings are a way of protecting your colleagues if you are an asymptomatic carrier.
  • Please demonstrate your respect and care for your colleagues by wearing face-coverings in all communal areas: corridors, stairways, kitchens, toilets, reception areas and atrium.
  • There is no requirement to wear face-coverings at your desk or in team-meetings, though opting to protect your colleagues by doing so will be welcomed.
  • Some staff/students are exempt from wearing face-coverings due to underlying conditions.
  • All staff and students have been provided with face-coverings if they have already been into the office and undertaken the induction during lock-down.  If you have not already received yours please contact
  • Spare disposable face-coverings are available at reception.
  • Students need not wear face coverings in smaller group teaching, seminars and classes (this might typically be smaller group teaching of up to 15 people)
  • Students in larger group teaching should wear face-coverings.