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All casual workers may be eligible to join to the NEST pension scheme.

All casual workers may be eligible to join to the NEST pension scheme. 

Your casual worker letter of engagement explains that the University has a duty to automatically enrol any eligible worker. The assessment for auto-enrolment for pensions is deferred for a period of 3 months from the date of engagement, so an engagement for no longer than 12 weeks will not become eligible for auto-enrolment.  

Further information about the NEST pension scheme can be found here

You will receive any statutory sick pay (“SSP”) to which you may be entitled, but you will have no entitlement under any University sick pay scheme. You must complete the relevant SSP form and follow the Department’s sickness absence notification procedure.  

You will need to complete the Timesheet; your manager must authorise the hours and the form should be sent to the HR Team.