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For line-managers in grades 6 and 7

Introduction to Management (ITM)

This programme replaces the Introductory Certificate in Management, which was run from 2000 to 2014. It introduces participants to ideas about management as well as to practical skills, and it is aimed primarily at ‘first-line’ managers – that is those with management responsibilities for staff who do not themselves manage others. Participants will typically be fairly new to their management role or not have had any previous management training. They may not necessarily be formally acknowledged as managers (e.g. in their job titles), but a significant part of their work will involve managing people, resources, tasks, processes, or projects. The programme is delivered termly, principally through a series of four full-day workshops held at the Learning Institute, but with some work to be done individually between each workshop.

Criteria and course outline
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For senior managers in grades 8-10

Developing Leadership and Management Practice (DLMP)

This programme has been run annually since 2009, during which time it has been taken by some 115 staff. It is designed to encompass the variety of middle-management roles within the university, and it aims to develop skills both in management and in leadership. The programme has always been oversubscribed, and from next academic year we shall be running two slightly shorter programmes each year so as to meet this demand. Next year's programmes will start at the beginning of Michaelmas term 2016 and the end of Hilary term 2017. DLMP is delivered primarily through six full-day workshops, with some individual and group work between workshops, including a project to bring about change, and some additional optional activities. Participants will complete a ‘portfolio’ of development reports and project reports which they will deliver to their line-managers.

Criteria and course outline
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For all staff who self-identify as female


This programme is an award-winning personal and professional development programme, designed and developed by women for women. It has been created specifically to enable women to achieve their full potential both at work and in their personal lives. Springboard aims to enable women to review their life position, clarify their aspirations and work out, in a mutually supportive environment, a means of navigating their way towards their desired future.  It is for all staff, regardless of career, life stages, role or background. Some women who take part are aware that they are at a personal crossroads, some are aware that they want to make a change without knowing why or what that is and some have a very clear idea of their future direction of travel and are looking for some support in doing so.

Programme overview 
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Applications to ITM, DLMP and Springboard

 Please see the attachments for outlines of the three courses and their respective application criteria. Consider potential applicants working for you and, if you would like to make any nominations, discuss the possibility with those concerned. The nomination/application forms (also attached) should be completed jointly and should be submitted to Liisa O’Brien, the Professional Development Administrator at the Oxford Learning Institute (via email to no later than 5.00pm on Monday 4 April 2016.


Please contact Liisa O’Brien at if you have any queries about the programmes or the nomination process.