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Overtime is applicable to support staff only (grades 1-5). Academic-related staff are not eligible for overtime; however, members of the academic-related staff who are requested to work on Bank Holidays will be compensated by equivalent time-off in lieu.  

You can request a timesheet from the HR team. 

Overtime must be approved by your line manager, who should send the relevant information and timesheets to the HR team who will process the payment.  

If you have any questions, please contact the HR team at 

The payroll is run on a monthly basis, with payments made to individuals on the last but one working day of the month. Salary is made by electronic BACS transfer directly into individuals' bank accounts. 

Pay day is usually earlier in December. 

Pay dates can be viewed here

You will be able to access your historical (dating back to April 2013) and current payslips via Employee Self-Service.

If you require an historical payslip (dated before 2013) then please email your request to 

You will be able to access your historical P60s (dating back to April 2013) via Employee Self-Service Your HR Self-Service data | Staff Gateway (  

If you require an historical payslip (dated before 2013) then please email your request to 

Questions about your salary, national insurance or income tax should be directed to the Payroll Team at 

Questions about pension contributions, schemes and entitlement should be directed to the Pensions Team here  

As an employer, the University must automatically enrol you into a pension scheme and make contributions to your pension if you’re eligible for automatic enrolment. 
You can then choose to either remain in the scheme or opt out. 
The scheme you are eligible to join will be confirmed in your contract of employment.

The University salary grades automatically increase your scale point each year at the increment date for your contract type up to the discretionary range. You must have been in post for 3 full calendar months prior to the increment date to receive an automatic increment. See University salary pages for full details 

The University runs an annual Awards for Excellence scheme which can be applied for by self nomination or manager nomination when the scheme is live. Find out more at Reward & Recognition Scheme — Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford 

A grading request can be made by employees if significant changes have been made to the original job description. Please note it is not possible to request a regrade of a role based only on length of time worked in the role, or that the employee has reached the maximum scale point of the grade.