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All Department Members must complete the following two trainings initially upon hire and annually thereafter:

  1. The University Information Security Awareness Module (the Module) is available through the IT Services’ online course booking system (CoSy).

To book this training, Members shall follow these steps:

a)    Copy and paste this link into their web browser:

b)    Under the “Tools and Resources” banner on this landing page, click on the link provided to access the module.

c)    Log-in using SSO credentials;

d)    Complete the course booking within the CoSy application;

e)    Access the training completion certificate from the Cosy dashboard; and

f)     Upload the training certificate into the Department IG policy management application (PRISMs-IG) as evidence of completion.

To pass the module, Members must score 75% or above. If a Member does not pass, the application will trigger a retest. Once a Member has passed, he/she will need to access the course completion certificate and completion of a short online evaluation.

  1. Department IG Policies and Guides

These outline the Department IG requirements, procedures and protocols.  All Members access these on demand through Department IG policy management application (PRISMs-IG):

Members complete their review of these documents and attest to reading and understanding them. The IGM (Phil Nieri) monitors and confirms the completion of the above two trainings initially upon hire and annually thereafter.

More information is available in the Department IG training policy (PHC_POL_IG105 _v4.0_Training_Policy).