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Use the following checklist to think about the activities you carry out:

When are you using personal data?
Can you explain:

  • what you are doing with the data;
  • what the lawful basis for that activity is; and 
  • why you are carrying out that activity? 

Have we told the individuals involved how you are using their data?
Do you know where to find the relevant privacy notice?
Have you checked:

  • that you do not have more data than you need;
  • that you are not using more data than you need;
  • that you are carrying out the activity safely and protecting the data; and
  • that the data is updated when necessary? 

Do you know where the retention schedule for the data is?

Have you checked that you are following what the schedule says we will do with the data when you have completed the activity?

More information is available on the Data Privacy page on the University’s website.