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Find out more about MSD IT here:

Who looks after IT for the Department?

The IT infrastructure for the Medical Sciences Division, including the Old Road Campus is looked after by the Medical Sciences Division IT Services (MSD IT).

Where are MSD IT?

The MSD IT main office is on level 3 at the John Radcliffe Hospital behind the Cairns Library.  There are also MSD IT offices at the Old Road Campus, Warneford Hospital, and Radcliffe Observatory Quarter.

What does MSD IT do?

MSD IT is responsible for the university network from the wall socket in your room and all the servers and switches that provide a service to you.  The actual computer on your desk is the responsibility of your own department.  Should you have a problem with your computer you should call MSD IT to have any problems diagnosed.  Any parts or repairs required must be purchased by your department.

How do I contact MSD IT?

The direct number for the MSD IT Service Desk is x80030, and calls will passed to the local team, if available.  Please email requests to MSD IT to:

How do I get an email account?

New members of the university will be supplied details of their email account in the University wide Nexus365 email system managed by the central University IT Services.

How do I get access to my email account?

Nexus email accounts can be accessed via Further details of the University Nexus365 email system are available here:

If you have a PC, you should have the Outlook application installed on your computer.  

Is there a limit to how much email I can store?

Yes.  Your Nexus mailbox is limited to 50GB.

What is a MSD IT Network user account?

To access MSD IT networked computers & services you need an account.  This will give you access to network drives, printers and other services.

How do I get a Network user account?

You need to fill in the application form online at You will find a form entitled Apply for an MSD IT Network Account in the registration section. You will need your University Card number to get a Network user account and also access to your University email account.  Instructions for activating your MSD IT Network account will be sent to your University email address.

What do I use these different drives for?

When you log on to your PC, you will find you have a number of different drives available. 

C: drive - the hard disk on your computer. This is where you should install any programs you wish to use. This drive is not backed up and therefore you should not keep important data on this drive. 

H: drive - your personal space on the server. This is where you should keep your personal work. Your data is backed up every night by MSD IT.

S: drive - (if you have one) is a shared drive amongst your group. This is where you should store work that needs to be accessed by other members of your group.

You may also have other network drives if you belong to multiple projects. Your network drives have quotas, which means we limit the amount of space you can take up. If you get a message saying that you have run out of space, please contact MSD IT to discuss your requirements.

How many passwords do I have?

You have at least two passwords. One is for your Network user account – this gives you access to your computer, network drives and printers etc. The other password is for your IT Services Single Sign On (SSO) account. You may also need to use your remote access password for wireless services such as EDUROAM. See:

What is central IT Services?

Central IT Services are based at 13 Banbury Road and their website is:

IT Services provide IT services & systems for the whole university, and provide some support for those departments that don’t have their own local unit like MSD IT. They also provide training and offer a wide range of courses; see the programme at:

How do I obtain the software I need?

On a Windows PC, if you look in your start menu you will find a group called ZENWORKS Installers (Windows 7) or Novell ZENWORKS App (Windows 10).  This contains a lot of the common site licensed software that is available in Oxford University.  If you cannot see what you need you should look at the list of Software which may be site licensed or available from suppliers:

For further assistance please contact MSD IT Service Desk:

When you have established that they stock the goods you require, you should complete an order form with a description of the item(s) and necessary details, and submit it to Sarah King or Gabrielle Keighley.  Goods must not be ordered without going through the finance system. Invoices will not be able to be paid unless they bear an official order number.

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