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Engineering Science DPhil student, Akash Trivedi, has been selected to be part of a two week mission on the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) in December.  The MDRS, owned and operated by the Mars Society, is a full-scale analogue facility in the Utah desert that supports Earth-based research in pursuit of the technology, operations, and science required for human space exploration.

Akash will be part of a six person crew simulating life on the Martian surface.  As part of this, he is looking for experiments that can be performed during his time there. If you have an idea for an experiment that you would like Akash and the rest of his crew to conduct, please email him at with your proposal.

Details on the submission criteria, and the MDRS in general, can be found on the attached Call for Proposal document. Deadline for all submissions is the 20th October, but Akash will be more than happy to discuss your proposal with you before the deadline.