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The CRN Workforce Development (WFD) team has been working with Dr Catherine Swales Director of Clinical Studies, University of Oxford Medical School to provide clinical research experience and teaching to 4th and 6th year medical students at University of Oxford Medical School.

We have again been invited to offer “Hands-on Introduction to Clinical Research” Special Study Modules (SSMs) in 2020. Students make their SSM selections in Oct/Nov 2019 for SSM timeframes in 2020. (In 2018, 1 year 4 student was hosted by Dr Matthew Snape and this footage was captured; in 2019, 4 year 4 students were hosted – the only SSM with this number of students). Due to its success the Medical School have asked us to host year 6 students.

We are looking for Medical PIs who would be willing to host a student(s) for SSMs in 2020. The WFD Team will coordinate the programme and arrange weekly progress updates with the student.

The SSMs will include GCP, Valid Informed Consent and other research training (provided by the CRN Training Team), but fundamentally are an opportunity for students to gain a hands-on introduction to clinical research under the supervision of a research active medical PI, who ideally has a range of studies, research staff and activities which a 4th or 6th year medical student could undertake under their supervision. We are offering 2 x 2 week “linked” placements with 2 different teams, single 4 week placements or single supervisor year 6 placements. Students may be willing to travel out of Oxford/Oxfordshire. A general practice SSM will be considered.

The SSM dates are as follows:

Year 4

Year 6

6th January – 31 January (approx. 42 students)


17th February – 13th March (approx. 42 students)

10th February – 28th February (approx. 40 students)


2nd March – 20th March (approx. 40 students)

30th March – 24th April (approx. 42 students)



20th April – 8th May (approx. 40 students)

26th May – 19th June (approx. 16 students)

11th May – 29th May (approx. 40 students)


8th June – 19th June (approx. 160 students)

If you think that you could be a SSM supervisor and any of the above dates are agreeable (either for 4 or 2 weeks), please contact by 28 September latest to discuss further.

- Belinda Lennox and Andrew Protheroe, LCRN