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A message from the Medical Sciences Division IT Team:

We are planning to upgrade the default password policy for all MSD IT Services network accounts, in line with recent security good practice guidelines.

The new policy may cause problems to those using the Filr system, so we need to ensure all Filr users have a password which complies with the policy is implemented at 10.00am on 17 January 2019.

The main new requirement is that passwords will need to be at least 16 characters long. Failure to change your password by 17 January will make you lose access to Filr and other MSD IT Services systems until you contact our Support Team. The good news is that the new policy means your password will never expire again!

If your current password complies with the policy described below, you do not have anything else to do, you are ready for the change we are planning to do. If your password is not compliant, please keep reading this message and take action asap.

Advice on how to create strong passwords can be found here

The MSD IT account manager interface is probably the easiest tool to use to change your password:access it here.

We recommend that instead of a password, users choose a passphrase of four or more random common words, or pick a memorable phrase that they won't need to write down (e.g. thisisareallylongpassword - please don't use this example). This can include lowercase, uppercase, punctuation, numbers, spaces, etc. You will not be forced to use all of these categories, it is really up to you. If you need to write it down, you should use a secure password manager application such as KeePass. Your local IT Support Officer can help you installing a password manager application.

Your new password:
- will be case sensitive
- must be at least 16 characters long
- must not repeat any character sequentially more than 4 times
- must have at least 6 unique characters.
- must not include any of the following values: * £

Please don't hesitate to contact or call (01865) 2-80030 if you have any questions regarding this change.