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Are you interested in a lunchtime walking, jogging or running group?  Would you like to be part of a group, get away from your desk and move more throughout the working day?  We all know that exercise can improve productivity, concentration levels and boost energy.  It is also a great way to socialise and meet other members of the department.

 This new lunchtime group is being organised by Andrew Sulley and Maria Coates.

1st Session

Tuesday 14th May 12:00 for 12:05 Start (or straight after the departmental meeting)

Location: Outside RPC (by the fountain) 

Walking group

Head into University Parks and enjoy a lovely social walk in the park.

Couch – 5K Group (12 week programme)

People want to start running for many different reasons.  This couch to 5k programme is a great way to build running into your weekly schedule, socialise and have fun.  

  • Beginning with basicS
  • Starting slow and following a plan
  • Setting yourself a goal
  • Sense of achievement as you reach your targets

Week 1

Warm up:  5 mins walk to University Parks

Main Session: RUN 1 min WALK, 90 seconds (repeat 12 times) around the park

Cool Down:  5 mins Walk back to RPC and then stretch.

Running Group

For runners who would like to have a lovely social run in the park.

Wear something comfortable and bring your trainers/suitable footwear.

For further information please contact Andrew Sulley or Maria Coates