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The next versions of PRISMS will be rolled out in January. Most users won’t notice a difference but the main features on the new version of PRISMS holding SOPs are:

  • Line Managers will be able to oversee the training that their team have undertaken (GCP, SOPs etc)
  • The MHRA inspectors had asked us to ensure all staff undertaking the same role within a trial receive the same SOPs so we have updated the SOP assignment matrix. This means that some of you will receive more/less SOPs than you currently have.

The systems will go live on:

  • PRISMS-ig: System goes offline on 23 Jan. System back online on 24 Jan
  • PRISMS (SOPs): System goes offline on 30 Jan. System back online on 31 Jan

Please take this opportunity to ensure you review the new systems and read all of the latest versions of PRISMS SOPs and PRISMS-IG policies allocated to you – we are far from the 95% compliance rate required for our Toolkit submission to NHS Digital in March

If you have any questions or notice any glitches once the new versions have been implemented then please email