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The three national schools identified three themes via school boards in 2017:

  • Theme 1 – Multiple Needs – possibly including multi-morbidity, complexity and frailty, care systems perspectives (e.g. delayed discharge, integration), impacts of loneliness and isolation, inequalities
  • Theme 2 – Community and individual capability – possibly including self-care, individual and community level behaviour change, strengths- and assets-based approaches to social care, social prescribing, prevention
  • Theme 3 – Diversity, equity, access and well being – possibly including inequalities, access to a range of services and welfare support, impact on well being and other outcomes

We are now asking if anyone in the department would be willing to be the SPCR lead for one or more of these of themes. Also, do you any ideas for other themes that could be worked up across the three schools using the SPCR working group model (small budget allocated for agreed theme for participant travel and venue hire if needed).  Please note that these cross school working groups will need to include participants from at least three of each school's partners. 

Names of volunteers and working group suggestions should be sent to Lucy Curtin by 9th November please.

Finally,  please consider cross school bids for calls such as these currently being advertised. The SPCR can assist with making contact with colleagues in social care and public health if required.

Find out about: School for Primary Care Research | School for Social Care Research | School for Public Health Research