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2 March 2017

Applications have opened for the Oxford International Primary Care Research Leadership Programme. 

The programme aims to foster the development of future leaders in primary care research through a combination of inspirational teaching and peer learning. The programme recruits primary care researchers who are at least 5 years post-doctoral or have equivalent research and leadership experience.  Each Department can nominate one candidate and will pay the fees for attendance on the programme if the candidate is successful and offered a place on the programme. 

Final applications need to be submitted to the Leadership Programme by 31 March (see application form).  In order to select the one candidate to be nominated for 2017 by the NDPCHS we have organised an internal competition closing on the 24th March.  

Please discuss this with your team leader in the first instance. 

To apply, please complete the official application form and email the application and your CV to Paul Aveyard by the 24th March .  

The candidate selected for nomination by NDPCHS will be informed by the 28th March giving them sufficient time to submit their official application to the programme on the 31st March along with a letter of recommendation from the HOD.

Full details can be found here