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7 February 2017

“A workplace where people feel confident to be open and honest about their lives outside of the office would be both happier and more productive. To me that seems a no-brainer.” Neil Henry, Deloitte, Scotland

“Role modelling is a very positive from of leadership. It’s about being brave.” Liz Sayce, OBE, Chief Executive, Disability Rights UK

Allies matter.

Allies are individuals who do not identify as lesbian, gay, bi and trans and who believe that LGBT people should be able to be themselves and reach their potential.

At Stonewall, we know that allies have a critical role to play in creating inclusive environments and have been key to advancing fair treatment for their lesbian, gay, bi and trans colleagues.

Our one day, CPD-accredited Allies Programme contributes to individual personal and professional development by giving you the space to explore what it means to be an ally in your organisation, and  identifying how you are going to create an inclusive environment for everyone. Through reflecting on the relevance and impact of your identity, you’re able to find achievable ways to step up as an ally. You’ll leave the programme with a concrete plan about what you are going to do, and how.

The programme offers you:

  • Insight into what it means to be yourself
  • An understanding of what it means to be an ally
  • An opportunity to explore and develop inclusive behaviours and approaches
  • Practical ways to step up as an ally
  • Active listening skills and techniques for having good quality conversations
  • Increased motivation and confidence to become a visible and influential ally
  • A network of peers from across a range of sectors and communities 

Get involved

For further details visit

To register, contact There are a limited number of spaces and priority will be given first to individuals in EPSRC funded departments.



Practical outcomes and testimonials

This was without a doubt the best programme that I have ever attended. The presentation and facilitation skills really brought the programme to life and I would recommend this to anyone.

This programme helped me to recognise that role models and allies come in many forms, but all of us have the ability to achieve profound change and encourage a positive workplace culture.

After attending this programme I developed and delivered a bitesize Allies Programme to all staff within my department focusing on how to tackle inappropriate language, and what managers can do in response to this.

After attending this programme I developed a mission statement for allies in the organisation to sign up to.

My evolution as a person, a Stonewall Champion and an LGBT ally, is accelerating as I become more aware, on a daily basis, that the more diverse we are in every walk of life, the better everything becomes. Catching myself becomes easier and I cause myself to walk in other people’s shoes when making even the most routine and (apparently) easy decisions and calls. Trying to think differently and becoming more considerate has slowed me down, enabled me to step back and give permission to more people to engage and contribute to all of our processes and activities. I have no doubt that my learning on the Stonewall Allies Programme has had a positive effect on me in that way. Early in 2016, we are launching the LGBT Allies Programme across the whole of our business in Europe and I am excited about the change for good it will bring. Martin Coyd, OBE, Regional Head of Environment, Health & Safety for Europe, Lend Lease, and voted 28th in Out-standing’s ‘leading ally executives’ of 2015.