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A note from the Science Shuttle team:

We are excited to announce that Thames Travel will take over operation of the Science Transit Shuttle from Monday 15 July 2019. The change will bring you many benefits, including more capacity on the buses, flexible ticketing and better accessibility.

The new service offers:

  • New single-decker, low-emission buses
  • More than double the passenger capacity 
  • Fully accessible buses 
  • An express service 
  • Tickets can be used across Thames Travel and Oxford Bus services 
  • Real-time information 
  • Wi-fi on board 
  • A full range of ticketing options - onboard ticketing, contactless payments, a mobile app and the Key card.

The new Science Transit Shuttle service will offer two routes:

ST1 Oxford-Harwell - a half-hourly service

Science Area-Iffley Road-Donnington Bridge-Abingdon Road-A34-Harwell

ST2 JR Hospital-Wytham – an hourly service

JR Hospital-Old Road Campus-Science Area-Wytham

Fares will remain the same overall, although a wider variety of ticket options will be available. Fare increases will only be implemented in January 2020, in line with increases across other services.

We will provide a timetable and route map after Easter.

Existing commuter cards, paper tickets and e-tickets will not be valid on the new service. There will be no further sale of commuter cards after 13 April 2019 to prepare for the handover. We will refund pro rata all commuter cards that expire after the handover. Please use up all existing tickets and only buy the tickets that you need.

Unobus will continue to operate the existing service until Friday, 12 July 2019.

We are working hard to ensure a smooth transition to the new service.Thank you again for your continued patronage.