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Woodstock road improvement works 2

Updated 2 August 2018

Woodstock Road works start on Monday 25 June 2018.

The roadworks will last approximately 11 weeks finishing on 15 September 2018.  This will create a boulevard frontage for the ROQ site while converting the Woodstock road on a permanent 20mph zone.

Gate 1: Open for pedestrian access - this is the gate behind the Radcliffe Primary Care Building (RPC).

Gate 3: Will Open Monday 6th August

Gate 5: This is located between St Luke’s Chapel and Maths (Andrew Wiles building). Pedestrians and Cyclists will be able to access RPC via this gate. This gate offers the more direct access to RPC as it is only a short walk behind St Luke’s Chapel. (see map below). Closed to all vehicles

Gate 7: Open as normal- This is the main vehicle gate located next to Green Templeton College.  Please note that people directed via Gate 7 may end up walking a big loop to get to RPC if the Maths building is closed. The Maths building opens from 8:00am until 6:00pm Monday to Friday

Please be aware if using the vehicle lift at the Andrew Wiles Building, when exiting you must do so the left and follow the signage (through the barrier around the roundabout) to exit the site.

Please be aware of traffic approaching to gain access in to the vehicle lift.

Bus stops

Bust stops will remain temporarily relocated. More information can be found at the County Council website


Taxis should be able to collect and drop off from Royal Oak pub.

Woodstock Road Improvement

From the 3 September to the 5 September 2018, the Woodstock Road will be closed from St Margaret's Road except for access. During the 5-9 September we will experience points of complete closure. 

If you have a question about access or deliveries during this time, please contact Jessy Morton: