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The Oxford NIHR Biomedical Research Centre Chronic Disease cluster includes researchers working on six themes (Diabetes; Cardiovascular; Multi-morbidity & Long-term Conditions; Neurology, Obesity, Diet & Lifestyle; and  Stroke).  We are keen to encourage collaborative working across these themes and we are pleased to announce a competition for small project funding.  The total sum available is £50,000.  This may be allocated to one or two larger projects or several smaller studies. Projects will be judged on scientific quality and value for money.

Projects must fall within the BRC remit (please note, this does not include studies using animals) and be directly relevant to the work of the themes in the Chronic Disease cluster.  We would particularly like to encourage the use of data from the cohorts led by the Chronic Disease themes.

Successful projects will include many, if not all, of the following:

  • Innovative science
  • Explicit cross-theme collaboration
  • Use of existing cohorts
  • Specific outputs, including publications and pilot data to inform a more substantive project or grant application
  • Evidence of training and capacity building in relevant research areas
  • Clear involvement of patients or the public 

Project proposals must be submitted on the attached template together with an X5 costing to  

The deadline for applications is Thursday 17th May 2018.

The Panel, comprising of a representative from each of the themes in the cluster, will meet to discuss the applications in early June and successful applicants will be notified shortly afterwards. Funds will be made available from July 2018 and must be spent before March 31st 2019. Funding may be used for salary or non-salary items.

Download: Funding details and application form