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NIHR CLAHRC Oxford Communications Officer Gavin Hubbard interviews DPhil student Georgia Richards about her recent move from Australia and what prompted a change of heart towards a research career rather than studying medicine.

Professor Carl Heneghan, Director of the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine and Official Fellow of Kellogg College, discusses the role of code breaking in healthcare, linking its use to the famous Enigma Machine and explaining why the department is linking up with Kellogg College's upcoming 'Bletchley Park Week.'

Professor Carl Heneghan describes a school's outreach programme designed to bring EBM to young people.

Kamal R. Mahtani, Tom Jefferson, and Carl Heneghan reflect on the lack of definitions, and propose a solution.

Professor Carl Heneghan writes in The Conversation.

What does “big data” look like when it comes to healthcare, what are the problems for researchers and what are the potential benefits to patients?

Lucy Abel looks at the hidden costs of cancer diagnosis from a health economics perspective.

DPhil student Jack O’Sullivan shares his reflections on providing first aid care to the 6000 refugees of Calais, France with other Oxford students, medical volunteers and in collaboration with charity Care4Calais.

Professor Trish Greenhalgh explains how Aristotle can help explain how, why and to what extent clinical practice is evidence-based.