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Professor Richard Hobbs, Head of Department, Primary Care Health Sciences
Professor Richard Hobbs, Head of Department, Primary Care Health Sciences

Oxford University has submitted plans to house its Department for Primary Care Health Sciences in the grade II-listed Outpatients Building on the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter.

Professor Richard Hobbs, head of the department, said if all goes to plan it could move into the building in 2015. He said: “The department has grown very significantly over the past two or three years. We have been successful in terms of the ranking of the quality of our research and teaching. It is largely the inevitable consequence of being a successful department that we need more staff.”

Jericho city councillor Susanna Pressel said: “I’m very pleased that the outpatients building will return to a medical use – and such an important one as well"

The city council will decide on the planning application at a later date.

Primary Care, with its emphasis on the prevention of ill health, is the key to improving the health of the nation - Susanna Pressel, Jericho City Councillor

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