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Congratulations to Dr Clare Bankhead and Dr Rachna Begh, who have been awarded new titles in the recent Recognition of Distinction Exercise.

Dr Clare Bankhead has been awarded the title of Associate Professor, which is given to reflect research achievements, commitment to teaching and ‘good citizenship’ within the department and beyond. Dr Bankhead’s research is on the diagnoses and monitoring of non-infectious diseases, including cancer. She has been instrumental in several statistics-based projects in the department that utilise the Clinical Practice Research Database – a database of existing NHS patient records – to shed new light on some of the major issues in primary care, such as GP workload, cancer diagnosis, and chronic kidney disease. Dr Bankhead also co-ordinates the Study Design and Research Methods module on the Evidence-Based Health Care MSc Programme.

Dr Rachna Begh, NIHR Postdoctoral Researcher, has been awarded the title of University Research Lecturer, which is given in recognition of substantial independent research achievement, along with contribution to the general academic life of both the division and the department. Dr Begh’s research is on the delivery and evaluation of GP and nurse brief advice interventions in primary care, with a particular focus on smoking cessation interventions. Dr Begh also teaches on the Evidence-Based Health Care MSc Programme


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