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Updated Cochrane Review shows electronic cigarettes can help people quit smoking but more evidence is needed on long-term harms

Health behaviours Research methods & EBM

Newly updated Cochrane evidence published today in the Cochrane Library finds that electronic cigarettes containing nicotine could increase the number of people who stop smoking compared to nicotine replacement therapy – such as chewing gum and patches – and compared to no treatment, or electronic cigarettes without nicotine. More information is needed on harms.

Snack tax may be more effective than a sugary drink tax to tackle obesity

Health behaviours

Effect was double that seen for similar price increase on sugar sweetened drinks

Doctors should offer structured weight loss programmes as treatment for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Health behaviours

Doctors should offer structured weight loss programmes to patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease finds new research led by the University of Oxford.

Meet your 'Meat Persona'

Health behaviours Public engagement & involvement

University of Oxford researchers will be at Oxford’s Westgate Shopping Centre from Monday 24th to Sunday 30th June and they want you to Meat Your Persona.

Online shopping interventions may help customers buy healthier foods

Health behaviours

Altering the default order in which foods are shown on the screen, or offering substitutes lower in saturated fat could help customers make healthier choices when shopping for food online, new research finds.

Nicotine replacement therapy more successful in combination form

Health behaviours

New Cochrane Review investigates the effectiveness of different forms of nicotine replacement therapy in helping people give up smoking

Low calorie meal replacements are a cost-effective routine treatment for obesity in the NHS

Health behaviours

Replacing all regular meals with a low calorie diet of soups, shakes and bars, together with behavioural support, is cost-effective as a routine treatment for obesity

New Oxford Sparks podcast launched "Should I be a vegan?"

Health behaviours Public engagement & involvement

In this episode of the Big Questions podcast, Dr Christina Potter in the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences is asked "Should I be a vegan?"

Oxford-led DROPLET study informs NHS action to tackle obesity and type 2 diabetes

Clinical trials Health behaviours

Hundreds of thousands of people will receive help to battle obesity and Type 2 diabetes under radical new NHS plans to trial very low calorie diets for the first time.

Dialogue sets the research agenda for tobacco control

Health behaviours Public engagement & involvement

A Cochrane stakeholder engagement project led from the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences informs national funding call for tobacco research.

No clear evidence that nicotine “preloading” helps smokers to quit

Health behaviours

Any beneficial effect may have been masked by reduction in use of smoking cessation drug.

Supermarket swaps support healthy diets

Health behaviours

Supermarket interventions could play role in public health strategies, study finds

The Big Crash Diet Experiment

Clinical trials Health behaviours Public engagement & involvement

Professors Susan Jebb and Paul Aveyard team up with the BBC to put the latest research on “crash dieting” to the test.

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