CKD is common and increasing in prevalence. Cardiovascular disease is a major cause of morbidity and death in CKD, though of a different phenotype to the general CVD population. However, there have been relatively few studies detailing the prevalence, incidence and progression of CKD in the UK and no studies collecting primary data on the utility of screening for CKD in the general population. Furthermore, alternative renal biomarkers may have greater accuracy for cardiovascular risk stratification but their predictive role as assessed in prospective studies has not been established. The Oxford Renal Study (OxRen) recruited participants over 60 years of age in a primary care population from November 2013 and closed for recruitment in March 2017, collecting data on prevalence of CKD. It was the largest national CKD observational study and we would like use the OxRen cohort to recruit for the NewKI study.

Study Design: New Onset Kidney Impairment Study
Sponsor: University of Oxford
Chief Investigator: Professor Richard Hobbs
Ethical Approval: 17/YH/0429
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