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1 in 10 women see their GP each year because they have a Urinary Tract Infection, or UTI. When someone goes to see their GP with UTI symptoms they may be asked to provide a urine sample which can be sent to the laboratory for urine culture, in order to find out if there are any bacteria present. However, up to 30% of urine samples are contaminated by bacteria which normally live on the body. A contaminated sample cannot rule out infection or prove there is an infection. Another sample will need to be sent, and the delay may increase the length of time a patient experiences symptoms and mean they take extra courses of antibiotics, which could result in infections resistant to antibiotics in the future. If every contaminated urine culture was repeated this would cost over £14 million annually in England and Wales.

This trial will test whether using urine collection devices to produce urine samples can reduce the chances of contamination. There are two urine collection devices available on the NHS; the Whizaway Midstream and the Peezy. Both claim that they reduce contamination, but this has not been properly tested. The devices are funnel shaped containers which use two different methods to collect the urine sample.

Patients taking part in this study will be randomly selected to join one of three groups. Each group will be asked to collect their urine sample in a different way. One group will receive usual care from their GP, a second group will use the Whizaway and the final group will use the Peezy. We will compare how many of the urine samples have been contaminated in each of the three groups. We will also find out if the devices are cost effective and how acceptable they are to patients and GPs.

Emergency randomisation:
If you are not able to access the randomisation site then please call the trial manager on 01865617958. Sarah will be able to inform you of the correct device to give to your participant.

Study team: