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Despite constituting the vast majority of preterm births, relatively little is known about the clinical and economic outcomes of children born either moderately or late preterm. This paper outlines the economic consequences of moderate and late preterm birth for the health services, for other sectors of the economy, for families and carers and, more broadly, for society. The paper reviews both the peer-reviewed literature and additional sources for information on the economic consequences of moderate and late preterm birth. It then goes on to present the results of a decision-analytic modelling study that aimed to estimate the societal costs associated with moderate and late preterm birth throughout the childhood years. Finally, the requirements for future methodological and applied research in this area are briefly outlined. (c) 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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Journal article


Seminars in Fetal & Neonatal Medicine

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170 - 178


cost economic moderate preterm birth review gestational-age behavioral-problems weight infants born preterm disability children life survival outcomes consequences