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A single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) in the Taq1A site near the DRD2 gene has been associated in several studies with smoking behaviour. We genotyped 732 current smokers (241 low, one to nine cigarettes a day, 250 mid, 10-19 cigarettes, 241 high, 20 + cigarettes) and 243 never-smokers at this site (C32806T), to test for effects on smoking initiation and amount of tobacco consumed. No significant association between minor allele frequency and smoking status was detected. Multiple regression analysis including DRD2 genotype, sex, age and alcohol consumption as predictors showed that level of cigarette consumption was associated with sex (p = 0.003) and age (p = 0.002) but not with alcohol consumption (p = 0.25) or DRD2 genotype (p = 0.76).

Original publication




Journal article


Addiction Biology

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221 - 226