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We report key themes arising from a postgraduate workshop organized by the King's Interdisciplinary Discussion Society (KIDS) held in April 2011. KIDS believe that health is a phenomenon that transcends disciplinary boundaries, and therefore issues relating to health care and medical ethics are best addressed with an interdisciplinary approach. The workshop, entitled 'Everyday Ethics and Primary Healthcare', included poster presentations and oral presentations from participants from a range of disciplines and occupational backgrounds which highlighted the challenges faced by primary health-care workers. Three common themes emerged: the impersonal and cumbersome work environment that can result from the encroachment of rationalizing tools; the tension between 'ethical practice as an ongoing sensibility' and 'ethical practice as "box-ticking"'; and the contested nature of what constitutes 'health'. Participants felt that the interdisciplinary perspective was helpful in elucidating the various ethical issues arising in primary health care.

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Clinical Ethics

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211 - 214