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It has long been suspected that psychological disturbance is common in Meniere's disease (MD), but there has been no systematic review of research on this topic since 1977. The aim of this review was to investigate whether components of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or health anxiety contribute to distress, so that support and psychological therapy can be tailored better to the particular problems of people with MD. We systematically identified all studies of psychological factors associated with MD between 1977 and 2004. We then tabulated the findings from each of the 28 studies to match them to the components of PTSD and health anxiety. Levels of psychosocial impairment and distress were comparable to patients with similar illness. Evidence was found for some of the components of both PTSD and health anxiety. We conclude that more specific research into PTSD-like symptoms and health anxiety in MD is needed. There was a general lack of research into psychological mechanisms contributing to distress in this population, many studies had methodological weaknesses, and only one qualitative and one longitudinal study had been carried out. © 2008 Taylor & Francis.

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Psychology, Health and Medicine

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257 - 273